Meet Leanne Moore

Leanne has spent most of her adult life exploring wholistic medicine, specialising Reflexology and Ayurvedic Medicine.

She began exploring reflexology at 18 years of age and soon discovered that she enjoyed the quiet presence of working on another’s feet. Leanne quickly became engrossed in studying the myriad of reflexology maps on the feet and her fascination and love for this eventually led her to study Reflexology professionally and begin a practice on the North Coast of NSW in 1993.

Her interest in Ayurveda developed as a natural progression from yoga, which she practiced from a young age. Ayurveda also soon became a passion. “I love the wisdom of this ancient Medical system, its gentle encouragement to align with nature’s rhythms and the wholistic nature of its healing.” She began studying Ayurveda in 2000 and has been practicing this ancient science in her clinic since 2006.

Leanne has a strong commitment in sharing these modalities. She has enjoyed teaching people to become professional reflexologists in a Diploma of Reflexology at the NSW School of Natural Medicine. As a member of the Reflexology Subject Matter Expert Group, she worked closely with the Australian Government to improve the standards of Reflexology training throughout Australia. Leanne teaches a variety of Post-graduate Reflexology workshops across Australia on Padaveda (blending Reflexology and Ayurveda) and has made several presentations at the National Reflexology Conferences. She is a leader in her field.


Leanne is a teacher at The Australasian Institute of Ayurvedic Studies in Brisbane, supporting students to become the best authentic Ayurvedic Practitioner possible.  She has also taught Ayurvedic Massage and Ayurvedic Nutrition at the NSW School of Natural Medicine and facilitates Residential Retreats in Ayurveda, providing the opportunity for people to experience Ayurveda deeply. 

Leanne perceptively and gently encourages people to find well being and peace of mind with Reflexology and Ayurveda. She offers a variety of treatments in her clinic including Reflexology, Ayurvedic Health Consultations, Ayurvedic Massage for Wellbeing (Abhyanga), Ayurvedic Remedial Massage (Basti), Kizzi Bolus, Navar Kizzi, Pinda Svedana, Udwarthanum, Nasya, Netra basti and Shirodhara.

Over the years, I have used various reflexologists and I must say that Leanne has been the best of a great lot.  Her care and attention as well as training and awareness are top notch.  I've noticed great improvement over the past couple of years under her care and am better for it.  She is on top of my health in a number of facets and interacts with both my massage technician as well as my podiatrist.  I couldn't ask for better!  - Phil Tripp, 2014

Meet Agneta Hansell

Agneta has throughout her life maintained a keen interested in health and fitness. Growing up in Scandinavia Agneta spent a great deal of time with outdoor activities as well as actively pursuing a variety of sports. Agneta has been an active fitness leader for over 20 years teaching a variety of classes to all ages and fitness levels. As a natural development in her fitness journey Agneta was drawn to the body and mind connection to achieve health and well being for the whole being and started exploring the benefits of yoga. After attending a variety of classes Agneta decided to undertake her 200 hours YTT Training and is now practicing and teaching yoga. After completing her yoga teacher certification Agneta has attended further training through a variety of workshops with prominent yoga teachers.  Agneta is teaching Vinyasa flow style yoga which is based on hatha yoga. It's a broad classification that encompasses Vinyasa, also called flow because of the smooth way that the poses run together focussing on the connecting breath to movement.


Agneta moved to Grafton in 1997 and has watched her children grow up and now finding more time to develop her yoga practice and continue her spiritual journey. Agneta strives to give her participants a safe space to become more aware of the connection of body and mind for a stronger and healthier being. Her classes are suitable for all levels and have a strong focus on everyone being able to achieve their goals whatever they may be. Through her yoga classes Agneta aims to bring calmness to the mind and increase awareness of our bodies thus creating a healthy mind inside of a healthy body.


In our busy lives we often forget to find time for ourselves. With a busy professional work life Agneta understands how vital it is to take time out of the busy day to focus on the wellbeing of self. Through her working career Agneta has seen and experienced the effects of having a demanding career and not being able to find a healthy work life balance. This is a very harmful habit for us and can lead to long term health issues. One of the greatest resources that yoga gives us is the ability to take a deep breath and learn to slow down allowing our mind space and bodies to come together as one. Yoga is an opportunity to leave the day behind for a moment and be fully present in the moment.

Agneta aims to give her participants a safe space to nurture their bodies and minds in an encouraging environment resulting in a happier and healthier you.