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Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in Grafton with Karina Dunn


Chinese medicine treats the body as a whole and recognizes every person has a unique health journey. By using Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques including extensive questioning into your heath history, a treatment plan is tailored for you.


 Acupuncture has been practiced in China for over 3000 years. In the 18th century, research was initiated and Chinese medicine has continued to grow and practiced worldwide.


Acupuncture points run along a series of meridians/ or channel networks consisting of qi. Each meridian communicates with a different organ system and each Acu-point has a different function involved in the body’s homeostasis. 


Traditional questioning about your health history and symptoms are documented with an examination of your tongue and pulse quality to confirm a diagnosis. Karina will establish a treatment plan accordingly.


Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine needles into specific points on the body, specifically selected to your individual treatment. Acupuncture is a painless and non- invasive method to stimulate the nervous system and correct imbalances of qi (energy), blood and fluids in the body.


During treatment you may experience warm, tingling or dull sensation at point of insertion as the qi activates, followed by a whole body heaviness, lightness and deep relaxation.



Electro- Acupuncture

 Karina often uses electro stimulation to reinforce the acupuncture treatment.  The electro heads are connected between two needles to create mild electric currents. These currents encourage blood and qi flow to help with inflammation, fluid retention and muscle relaxation.



Acupuncture treats a wide range of illness and disease. If you’re not sure if it’s the therapy for you, Karina offers a FREE 15 minute consultation to discuss your health goals and if Acupuncture is for you.




 Cupping has been used in oriental medicine for thousands of years. Chinese medicine philosophy believes that pain is the essence of dis-ease and where there is pain, there is stagnation, remove the stagnation and the pain will cease. 


Congestion consists of qi, phlegm, blood, lymph and vital fluids. Imbalances occur when there is obstruction and therefore, cupping is used to draw out toxins, move stagnation and restore the free flow or energy and fluids.



The cups are heated and placed over acu- points of disease or areas of pain and discomfort by creating a suction effect.  Cups can be left to stand, used to slide along channels and muscles or in some cases, a tiny incision is made at the point of disharmony and a small amount of blood is let (wet cupping).


It is extremely common to have bruise like markings where the cups have been however, they are not painful and disappear with 5-10 days of treatment.


Cupping is a painless and a deeply relaxing experience with significant effects on the nervous system, organ, muscle and tissue levels. Cupping is used to sedate the nervous system, treat migraines, muscle pain, digestive disorders, viruses, rheumatism, skin and circulatory disorders



Tuina Massage

 Karina is trained in Chinese Tuina massage (pronounced twee-nah). Like acupuncture, tuina focusing on promoting circulation and free flow of qi and fluid through the body’s meridians. Chinese medical philosophy is applied as emotion and environmental factors are accounting for to ensure a whole body approach.

Tuina is often practised over a cloth or sometimes include oil and/or liniment to reinforce the healing process.

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