Yoga in Grafton with Liga

Come and try one of the Monday, Wednesday or Thursday classes or you can book a private session with Liga or organise a small group session at a time suitable for you.  



9.30am - 10.30am Vinyasa (Slow Flow)


10.30am - 11.30am Vinyasa (Slow Flow)

12pm - 12.45pm Lunchtime Express


4.30pm - 5.30pm Yoga and Meditation


6pm - 7pm Yin Yoga

See class descriptions below. 


Vinyasa (slow flow)

A yoga class grounded in rich yogic tradition of intelligent sequencing and linking movement with the breath. Classes are designed to suit all individuals as we practice at our own pace and choose the level of challenge. Strength and flexibility is built in both mind and body. These classes help you to release tension and stress, develop mindfulness skills and experience a sense of calm, relaxation and lightness.


Lunchtime Express

A short 45 minute vinyasa flow class to fit into your busy schedule! The class will help you build strength and flexibility and includes postures that can help relieve soreness from sitting at a desk. It will refresh and re-energise your mind and body as well as bring a sense of balance and calm for you to bring into the rest of your day.

Yoga & Meditation

A class to explore meditation more deeply. The first half of the class involves a yoga practice to shake off the day and ground the mind and body to prepare for meditation. The second half of the class will focus on meditation. A variety of meditation techniques will be taught – so you are sure to find the technique that will work just for you! Anyone can meditate! Meditation is not about having no thought or emptying the mind but learning tools to help you develop present-moment awareness. These techniques help to reduce stress and anxiety, and increase clarity, vitality and overall health.


Yin Yoga

Yin is a gentle, passive, nourishing and replenishing yoga practice. Based on traditional Chinese medicine principles, with a focus on meridian channels, organs and fascia, yin aims to remove blockages and increase energy flow. Yin helps also helps increase joint mobility, reduce risk of injury and is excellent for chronic fatigue. Most poses are floor poses and are held for 3-5 minutes while the body is supported by a variety of props to release tightness and tension.












Private Yoga Sessions

Yoga designed specifically for you and your goals. Liga works with her clients to create a program to get them on track, achieving goals that have true meaning to them and to help them create life-long changes. Depending on her clients’ goals, yoga sessions may be more vigorous or gentle and will include mindfulness techniques to ground their energy, calm the mind and learn how to move out of the stress response (fight-flight) to maintain relaxation and harmony within all layers of mind, body and spirit.



Yoga in Grafton with Agneta

In our busy lives we often forget to find time for ourselves. With a busy professional work life Agneta understands how vital it is to take time out of the busy day to focus on the wellbeing of self. Through her working career Agneta has seen and experienced the effects of having a demanding career and not being able to find a healthy work life balance. This is a very harmful habit for us and can lead to long term health issues. One of the greatest resources that yoga gives us is the ability to take a deep breath and learn to slow down allowing our mind space and bodies to come together as one. Yoga is an opportunity to leave the day behind for a moment and be fully present in the moment.


Agneta aims to give her participants a safe space to nurture their bodies and minds in an encouraging environment resulting in a happier and healthier you.

MONDAY 5.30 PM - 7.15PM

Yoga Fusion in Grafton with Karina


This class is designed to get out of your head and into your body. Karina endeavors to create a new and fun experience with something for everyone. With her background in Chinese medicine, Karina enjoys variety, living with the seasons and paying attention to individual goals.

Through yoga, qi gong and meditation practice, Karina will twine a collection of flowing breath and movement techniques to help ground, connect and create space in the mind and body to help flow gently through your day.


Tuesday 9:30am

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