Yoga in Grafton with Annette

Come and try one of the Wednesday or Thursday classes or you can book a private session with Annette or organise a small group session at a time suitable for you.  

‘Your yoga practice is here to serve your work and your living.’



7am-8.15am Morning Align and Flow

10.30am-11.45pm Restorative

12.30pm-1.15pm (45mins-$10) Midweek Recharge


12.00pm-12.45pm (45mins-$10) Midweek Recharge

4.00pm-5.15pm Hatha Flow


5.30pm-6.45pm Yin Yoga

See class descriptions below.
Morning Align and Flow – Flow style classes to wake you up and get you flowing and feeling centred for the day ahead.

Restorative – A restorative and supportive style class, focus is on basic movements as well as relaxation and stress relief. Using bolsters and blankets to support you. Perfect for recovery from serious illness and pain management.

Midweek Recharge – A midday practice geared to help ease workweek tensions before they accrue. Lunchtime classes are energising and restorative. You'll leave feeling recharged, rebooted, and ready for the rest of your day and week.

General Hatha Flow– hatha yoga flow to learn the basics and to broaden the range of capabilities of each individual through the instruction of alignment and breath.

Yin Yoga -  Yin yoga creates a holding environment within which we can practice cultivation of ease and stillness. Works on the meridians, connective tissue, fascia and bones.



Yoga in Grafton with Agneta

In our busy lives we often forget to find time for ourselves. With a busy professional work life Agneta understands how vital it is to take time out of the busy day to focus on the wellbeing of self. Through her working career Agneta has seen and experienced the effects of having a demanding career and not being able to find a healthy work life balance. This is a very harmful habit for us and can lead to long term health issues. One of the greatest resources that yoga gives us is the ability to take a deep breath and learn to slow down allowing our mind space and bodies to come together as one. Yoga is an opportunity to leave the day behind for a moment and be fully present in the moment.


Agneta aims to give her participants a safe space to nurture their bodies and minds in an encouraging environment resulting in a happier and healthier you.


MONDAY 5.30 PM - 7.15

Phone: (02) 6642 8432 

Address:  Suites 2,3,5&7 39 Prince St Grafton

Opening Hours:  Monday - Friday. Saturday by appointment


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