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Menopause Programme

This programme is suitable for women in the midst of menopause or women moving towards this time of their life. Be supported by each of our practitioners and move towards or through Menopause with grace and ease. 

This programme will help you reduce or prevent uncomfortable symptoms. But more importantly, embrace the transition into the wisewoman phase of life.


Menopause is a gift. It is an opportunity to move into a more expansive and spiritual phase of your life, a calling to dive deeper into your true self. Fundamental directions may change as focused, driven energies wane, to be replaced by creative, intuitive, insightful energies. It is the time to embody the essence of the wisewoman. This is a natural process. In Traditional society’s it is rare for women to experience any form of discomfort. So connect with Ancient Wisdom and Natural Healing options in your Journey into Power. 

This programme includes an: 

  • Ayurvedic Consultation

Ayurveda is India’s traditional medical system. An Ayurvedic consultation involves a comprehensive health assessment and seeks to bring a person back to their own balance with advice on diet, lifestyle and herbs. Ayurveda supports women through the transitional of menopause, balancing the hormonal system, reducing fatigue and irritability, strengthening the bones, promoting sound sleep, reducing hot flushes and creating general feelings of wellbeing.​

  • Kinesiology Session

The aim of the Kinesiology session in regards to Menopause is to balance the body, hormonally, check for any supplements,herbs or other support that may be required and unblock any emotional stress.

  • Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Massage) and follow up

Abhyanga is a massage that improves blood and lymphatic flow, loosens tight muscles, cleanses and vitalises the internal organs and calms the mind and nervous system, soothing away anxieties and suppressed emotions. ​

  • Counselling and Sand play

Counselling is an integral part of this holistic wellness program. Counselling supports your wellness goals through providing a safe environment to discuss challenges and tap into your strengths and supports.

  • Shirodhara Treatment

Shirodhara is a continual pouring of warm medicated oil to the forehead and is an effective treatment for reducing stress. Shirodhara calms the mind and relaxes the entire physiology. Shirodhara is especially effective for those experiencing anxiety, insomnia, depression, and stress in general. 

  • Optional – Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Kinesiology or Counselling Session (depending upon needs or desire)

6 Yoga Sessions / Meditation

A 2 Day Workshop - Journey into Power - A Natural Approach to Menopause

$200 of Herbs, Essences, Supplements and Oils

Structure of programme

The Programme can be undertaken in different ways.

  • A 6 week block (Once a week yoga session, 1 treatment / session a week)

  • A 12 week block (Once a week yoga session for 6 weeks, 1 treatment / session once a fortnight)

  • A 1 week intensive (Daily yoga sessions and daily treatments / sessions) 

Cost of programme

  • $890 total cost inclusive of workshop. Without the workshop, the cost is $720.

  • This comprehensive support would normally cost $1190. But if you partake in the programme, the savings are considerable (saving $300). ​

  • There is also the option of upgrading your Programme to the Deluxe Package or Premium Package. The Deluxe Package upgrades to a synchronised abhyanga and full body steam - an addition of $40 to the total coast. The Premium Package upgrades to an abhyanga with your shirodhara treatment - an addition of $60 to the total cost. 


Payment for programme

Full payment can be made before the commencement of the programme or there are payment plans available.


This payment plan includes a $220 deposit followed by 5 payments of $135 with the workshop. Without the workshop - $220 deposit followed by 5 payments of $100.

Please discuss payment options with Clarence Natural Therapies. 

A 2 Day Workshop Journey Into Power - A Natural Approach to Menopause 

This workshop will explore Ayurvedic insights, supported by Kinesiology, Counselling and Yoga Practices, offering simple guidelines to ease you through this time of transition. 

The workshop will include:
* Powerful Ayurvedic daily routines, simple dietary advice and lifestyle adjustments to bring hormonal balance and smooth the transition. 

*Sandplay exercises and counselling support. 

*Practical kinesiology exercises incorporating essential oils to nurture women through menopause, with specific massage for hormonal balance and reflex points coupled with kinesiology tapping points to tune up and balance the liver, adrenal glands and spleen.

* A group shared activity - giving and receiving a neurovascular calming balance for mind body connection and hormonal balance. 

* Specific Restorative and Balancing Yoga practices that support transition for women.

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