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Sinus Package

This package includes an: 

  • Ayurvedic Consultation and follow up

Ayurveda is India’s traditional medical system. An Ayurvedic consultation involves a comprehensive health assessment and seeks to bring a person back to their own balance with advice on diet, lifestyle and herbs. Within this consultation there will be a focus on the causative factors of sinus congestion, focusing upon digestive and respiratory health and immune strength. 


  • 3 Nasya Treatments 

​Nasya is the application of medicated nasal drops. Nasya strengthens your respiratory and immune systems. It is a specific treatment for sinus congestion and hayfever. The treatment includes face massage and hot formentations.


3 – 4 treatments are recommended for therapeutic benefit, followed by a home programme (self medicated nasal drops)

  • $100 of Herbs and Oils

Structure of package

An Ayurvedic consultation followed by 3 consecutive Nasya treatments 7 - 14 days apart. 

Cost of package


(A savings of $100)

Payment for package

Payment can be made before the commencement of the programme or there are payment plans available. 

Please discuss payment options with Clarence Natural Therapies. 

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