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 Emotional Wellness Programme

When we’re coping with emotional pain, a purely mental or intellectual approach usually isn’t enough. Although our mind may try to think its way out of pain, it can quickly become confused or trapped in repetitive thought-patterns that actually intensify our emotional turmoil. When we invite our body and spirit to be part of the healing process, however, transformation can unfold. 


The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Natural Medicine offers practices that unite the mind, body, and spirit, allowing us to experience deep emotional well-being and restful awareness. This programme will help you create deep emotional well-being. It is particularly useful if suffering from depression and/or anxiety. 

This programme includes an: 

  • Ayurvedic Consultation

Ayurveda is India’s traditional medical system. An Ayurvedic consultation involves a comprehensive health assessment and seeks to bring a person back to their own balance with advice on diet, lifestyle and herbs. Ayurveda recognises that each person is unique. In an Ayurvedic consultation your individuality is acknowledged and suggestions to achieve optimum health is adjusted accordingly. Ayurveda understands the continuum between body and mind. Healthy body, healthy mind.

  • Kinesiology Session

Kinesiology will aim to balance you emotionally by releasing unwanted negative thought patterns and emotional behaviours. Also provide support through Bach Flowers.

  • Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Massage) and follow up

Abhyanga is a massage that improves blood and lymphatic flow, loosens tight muscles, cleanses and vitalises the internal organs and calms the mind and nervous system, soothing away anxieties and suppressed emotions. ​

  • Counselling and Sand play

Counselling is an integral part of this holistic wellness program. Counselling supports your wellness goals through providing a safe environment to discuss challenges and tap into your strengths and supports.

  • Shirodhara Treatment

Shirodhara is a continual pouring of warm medicated oil to the forehead and is an effective treatment for reducing stress. Shirodhara calms the mind and relaxes the entire physiology. Shirodhara is especially effective for those experiencing anxiety, insomnia, depression, and stress in general. 

  • Additonal 6th session – Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Kinesiology or Counselling Session (depending upon needs or desire)

6 Yoga Sessions / Meditation

A 2 Day Workshop - Managing Depression and Anxiety Naturally

$200 of Herbs, Essences, Supplements and Oils

Structure of programme

The Programme can be undertaken in different ways.

  • A 6 week block (Once a week yoga session, 1 treatment / session a week)

  • A 12 week block (Once a week yoga session for 6 weeks, 1 treatment / session once a fortnight)

  • A 1 week intensive (Daily yoga sessions and daily treatments / sessions) 

Cost of programme

  • $890 total cost inclusive of workshop. Without the workshop, the cost is $720.

  • This comprehensive support would normally cost $1,205. But if you partake in the programme, the savings are considerable (saving $315). 

  • There is also the option of upgrading your Programme to the Deluxe Package. The Deluxe Package includes an upgrade to a synchronised abhyanga and full body steam and an abhyanga with your shirodhara treatment - an addition of $100 to the total cost. 

Payment for programme

Payment can be made before the commencement of the programme or there are payment plans available. 

This payment plan includes a $220 deposit followed by 5 payments of $135 with the workshop.


Without the workshop - $220 deposit followed by 5 payments of $100.

Please discuss payment options with Clarence Natural Therapies. 


A 2 Day Workshop- Managing Depression and Anxiety Naturally

This workshop will provide you with tools to explore the mind body connection in treating depression and anxiety. You will gain simple tools that includes wholesome diet, self massage, herbs, meditation and yoga. There will be a series of sandplay exercises to explore your present and what can support you into your future. There will be practical exercises for emotional balance and valuable insight into disempowering negative feelings.​


This workshop focuses upon how Ayurveda, Kinesiology and Counselling can lift the heaviness of depression and soothe anxiety. 

From this workshop you will gain:

An understanding how Ayurveda views depression and anxiety, exploring the body mind connection

Simple tools to manage depression and anxiety based upon the wisdom of Ayurveda and the insight of Kinesiology, supported by Sandplay exercises and Yoga.

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