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Weight Loss Programme

This is a comprehensive weight loss programme that focused upon the underlying imbalances that create weight gain. Cellular metabolism with be restored, adipose tissue slowly reduced in natural way removing the sluggishness and heaviness from your being, the hormonal system balanced and any tendencies to sabotage success addressed. 

You will be supported fully by our professional team with advice on diet, herbs, lifestyle practices, exercise and treatments / sessions. 

This programme includes an: 

  • Ayurvedic Consultation

Ayurveda is India’s traditional medical system. An Ayurvedic consultation involves a comprehensive health assessment and seeks to bring a person back to their own balance with advice on diet, lifestyle and herbs. The focus will be upon stoking cellular metabolism, enhancing digestive health, removing stagnation from the body, balancing the hormonal system and reducing adipose tissue. 

  • Kinesiology Session

The kinesiology session will address issues around emotional sabotages that may challenge us and make reaching your weight loss goals difficult. We will work with the thyroid, hormones and liver to ensure all systems are functioning efficiently to support optimal results.

  • Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Massage) and follow up

Abhyanga is a massage that improves blood and lymphatic flow, loosens tight muscles, cleanses and vitalises the internal organs and calms the mind and nervous system. This massage enhances cellular metabolism and detoxifies the body. The addition of a whole body steam magnifies this effect. 

  • Counselling and Sand play

Counselling is an integral part of this holistic wellness program. Counselling supports your wellness goals through providing a safe environment to discuss challenges and tap into your strengths and supports.

  • Udwarthanam Treatment

Udwarthanam is a therapeutic treatment that involves massaging the body with a herbal powder. This massage stimulates sluggish circulation, reduces excess body fat, leads to a sense of lightness in the body and improves the complexion of the skin.

  • 6th Session tailored to individual needs – Abhyanga, Udwarthanam, Kinesiology or Counselling Session 

6 Yoga Sessions 

A connection with a walking group and cooking lessons

A 2 Day Workshop - Reaching your Ideal Body Weight - a Holistic Approach

$200 of Herbs, Essences, Supplements and Oils

Structure of programme

The Programme can be undertaken in different ways.

  • A 6 week block (Once a week yoga session, 1 treatment / session a week)

  • A 12 week block (Once a week yoga session for 6 weeks, 1 treatment / session once a fortnight)

Cost of programme

  • $890 total cost inclusive of workshop. Without the workshop, the cost is $720.

  • This comprehensive support would normally cost $1190. But if you partake in the programme, the savings are considerable (saving $300). ​

  • There is also the option of upgrading your Programme to the Deluxe Package or Premium Package. The Deluxe Package includes an upgrade to 2 synchronised abhyanga or udwarthanam massages with a full body steam - an addition of $80 to the total cost. The Premium Package includes and upgrade of 3 synchronised abhyangas or udwarthanam massages with a steam - an addition of $120 to the total cost. 

Payment for programme

Payment can be made before the commencement of the programme or there are payment plans available. 

This payment plan includes a $220 deposit followed by 5 payments of $135 with the workshop.


Without the workshop - $220 deposit followed by 5 payments of $100.

Please discuss payment options with Clarence Natural Therapies. 

A 2 Day Workshop: Reaching your Ideal Body Weight - a Holistic Approach

Optimal Healthy Body Weight

This is not just another weight loss programme! In this workshop you will come to understand the reasons behind your weight gain and gain real tools to gradually move you towards your healthy body weight. 

You will explore the foods that lighten, the kitchen herbs that enhance cellular metabolism and you will learn daily routines that move the sluggishness from your cells. 

You will learn how to boost cellular metabolism, stoking up the fires that have become stagnant. 

You will explore the emotional side of weight through sand play exercises and learn kinesiology techniques and tools that address sabotages that may be holding us back from reaching our goals and look at the function of the thyroid and how to balance it naturally.

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