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Wellness Programmes and Packages

Clarence Natural Therapies are a dedicated team of professional therapists with over 3 decades of education and experience. We are leaders in our fields with extensive knowledge in complementary modalities and proven results and success with our clients and community.


We have written and developed comprehensive and effective programs to support the community in achieving real results and optimal health.


These person-centered programs are focused on areas of health that cause concern in our community or align with the most common complaints that are presented to us as practitioners.


These include:

Mental health (Depression and Anxiety)

Weight loss



Pregnancy and Post-natal Care


Each program connects with integrative, conventional and complementary approaches to promote health and wellness and provide the knowledge and tools for self-empowerment and self-responsibility in a journey towards mental, emotional and physical health

The aim of each program is to deliver and provide a system of education through a workshop and a series of physical therapies, nutritional guidance, practical techniques and disciplines utilising knowledge from various modalities. These modalities include Ayurveda, Kinesiology, Massage, Reflexology, Counselling and Yoga. This provides diverse perspectives on how the body functions and develops a holistic model in order to achieve health and wellness. The wisdom of each of these natural modalities is combined with a scientific, evidence-based paradigm to make fundamental and measurable differences in participants’ health and wellbeing.


Each programme consists of:

6 individual sessions with our Practitioners.

Including an Ayurvedic Consultation, Kinesiology, Counselling and Physical Therapies, 6 yoga or meditation sessions and a 2-day workshop.

Herbs, oils, flower remedies or other appropriate products are included.

These programmes can be undertaken as an intensive over 1 week with session’s everyday, over 6 weeks with sessions weekly, or over 12 weeks with sessions fortnightly. It is also possible to extend the program to include an additional 6 treatments.

Extended programs are individually tailored and include 6 sessions with our Practitioners and 6 Yoga sessions.

We also run Ayurvedic Detoxfication Programmes and Ayurvedic Packages for Sinus Congestion and Muscular Skeletal  Pain.


 Programme Costs and Payment Plans

  • The cost of each programme varies according to the included treatments. Please see individual programs for exact costing.

  • Payment Plans are available for each programme and require a deposit of $220 followed by 5 weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments (depending upon the length of the programme).

  • Programmes can be taken with or without the corresponding workshop.

  • The total cost of the workshops  and programmes  are offered at a significant discount to the standard cost of individual workshops or treatments.

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